Kopie von Minadax® Schutzkontakt Steckdose mit 2x USB, Passt in standart Unterputzdose, Laden aller mobilen Geraete Ipod Iphone Ipad Smartphone MP3 unterputz

Protective contact socket with integrated child protection. Simultaneous use of all ports, USB to 2.1A. For the uncomplicated charging of all mobile devices which have a USB interface, such as, for example, iPhones, iPads and smartphones.
The maximum charge of the two USB ports is 2.1A. The charging process is indicated by an LED. The socket is protected by an electronic short circuit protection, overload protection as well as a line filter function.
The socket can be used in a 60mm flush box and must be fixed with the screws that are included in the scope of delivery. The screens can be removed. Switching off the USB ports is not possible and can not be used as a double socket.
Child safety: Only if a plug exerts uniform pressure contact on both openings, the closure springs back and releases the openings.
Dimensions with outer frame (H x W x D): 86 mm x 86 mm x 40 mm
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